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Allow user to select dimension when array indexing in For/While loop

Status: New

Right clicking a FOR/While loop index would allow the user to select the array dimension.  This could then be displayed on the VI as shown. 


indexing - old.jpg

indexing - new2.jpg




Great idea, this would save a lot of clicking.


This idea had to be implemented 15 yeas ago, but we are still waiting. LabVIEW has many such small handicaps with arrays obstructing efficient programming: another example is low fuctionality of array nodes for in-place-element structure.

Trusted Enthusiast

Great idea, I dream about that every night !



Active Participant

I am almost positive I have seen this on the idea exchange before but alas I can't find it anywhere.

Trusted Enthusiast
Considering this is from 2009, I have a guess where you may have seen it. 🙂
Active Participant

For completeness and showing the different kinds of possible implementations, I am linking to a page on LAVA discussing the issue: Array auto-indexing It is so far the oldest public writing about the suggested idea. (Thank you GregSands!) The picture is so beautiful, that I have to re-link it, too: