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Allow user to better manage User Templates (as see in File/New Dialog)

I've developed some Templates that I like to use when writing LabVIEW.  For example, Basic gives me a VI with a blank icon, Error In/Error Out terminals in the proper connector, while Queue creates a Wireless Queue Action Engine from a Queue template.


I recently rewrote some of my Templates, and wanted to have the User Templates reflect the new ones.  I could Browse to the new location, but then I could end up with two copies, in the Old and New locations.


I see that the User Templates appear to be saved in two LabVIEW.ini entries, NewDlgRecentMainTemplates.pathList and NewDlgRecentTemplates.pathList.  I'm guessing I could clear one or both of these and this would effectively "clear out" the list of User Templates, but as has been mentioned here before, messing with the internals of LabVIEW.ini is something NI would like to discourage.  So how about "helping" the user?  Ideas include:


  • Provide a visible mechanism to not only Browse for new Templates, but to clear out the current list of User Templates.
  • Provide a mechanism to selectively remove templates from the File/New User Template list.
  • If the user chooses a Template whose name currently exists in the list, alert the user about the ambiguity (can't tell them apart since path isn't shown) and possibly forcibly overwrite the older entry.

Bob Schor

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