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Allow user-defined Default Icon Library (and show in Alphabetic Order!)

Status: New

I have a set of Icons that I use, saved in the folder \<User Docs>\LabVIEW Documents\Icon Templates\VI\BS Icons.  I've gone through a bit of work to organize this folder, adopting the "Reverse Alphabetic Order" that seems to be the Ordering Principle here (i.e. the Icon "Zebra" is first, "Aardvark" is last).  Yet when I open the Icon Editor after starting LabVIEW, "All Templates" is selected (by default), rather than my BS Icons Library.


One way to "fix" this is to empty (or delete) the two "Frameworks" folders, both of which contain a (differing) Icon called "_blank" (so-named, I bet, to "reverse-sort" first in the list).


This is, I realize, a minor "cosmetic" issue, but creating LabVIEW VI Icons is an important part of LabVIEW Style, so why not make it more User-Friendly?


Bob Schor