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Allow to link two arrays so that they can scroll synchronously.

Status: New

So the request here is to have an option wherein the array indicators (or controls) can be linked with another array indicator (or control) and can be scrolled synchronously.


There could be a property node for that (or invoke node or may be some other way), which will accept the reference of another array and thats all.


Sync Scroll

In above example, Array 1 is linked with Array 2, so whenever the user will scroll (or change the index of Array 2, the same change will reflect in Array 1.

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I think this can just be done programmatically, specially now that LV 2013 has events for the mouse wheel. I have something similar where I scroll two tree controls so that items appear in-line with each other (also opens and closes items with each other).
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TheQ: Yes, it can be done programmatically. The whole point of this idea is to not have to do that. It is a non-trivial amount of code and it frequently interfers with the rest of the diagram. And it doesn't really work if your goal is to have it run on an RT system where you want all that code to go away whenever the front panel is closed.


In other words, this is an idea that anyone can implement today, but there are so many downsides to doing so that it seems like it would be worth making into a first-class citizen of LabVIEW.


TheQ, would you share the project where you got trees scrolling synchronously? This would help me a lot.. Or would you please point me to where I can get information on it?


I think 



Please revisit this! It would be great to be able to have two array indexes working in unison in edit mode.

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At least make the link an array of references.


Why allow linkage to one array, and not to two, three or more?