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Allow the user to select class constant or controls from inheritance hierarchy from right click menu.

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Hi all,


It would be a good idea to allow users to select a class from an inheritance hierarchy from a right click menu. Example: I have Thread.lvclass and multiple child classes called A.lvclass and B.lvclass etc.


In the code I would like to be able so create a template of a method (not a mothod of the Thread.lvclass) that uses sometimes the Thread as input, sometimes A as input etc. This is not a method of a thread so I cannot create dynamic dispatch input. 


In this situation I need to drag and drop the class definition from the project when I want to modify the template. If I could right click on the class control, constant or output and select an option:


Replace with class from hierarchy -> Thread






That would save me a lot of time. This would be great for Actor Framework when we need to create a bunch of messages and their DO methods.



Piotr Kruczkowski
Certified TestStand Architect
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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In general the class members should be automatically available in the right-click menus, like in this idea.



Proven Zealot

You can use Quick Drop Replace to do this. Select the class constant, Ctrl-Space, type the name of the new class, then Ctrl-P.

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I am using Derren's Quick Drop Replace and it is superb! Thank you Darren