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Allow switching only one input wire (or: a more forgiving Scissor\Switch-A-Roo tool)

CTRL+Click on an input is a great little tool to switch the input.


However, it only works when both inputs are wired. Often (, I or QD connected a wire wrong,) I feel like switching the input, before wire-ing the 2nd. Only to find it doesn't work...


Having to connect the 2nd wire just seems to disrupt the flow, being focused on the first input. Being forced to make things worse (connect two wrong wires) before being able to make it right just feels itchy to me.

Switch one wire.png


It's a minor thing, but I never understood why it would be limited to 2 wires.


A related idea I had is to use the scissor tool to allow you to move a wire that's already attached to a terminal. This could work even when there are more than two inputs on a node. Hold <CTRL>, and click-and-drag a wire currently connected to its original terminal to a new terminal.


  • If the new terminal has no wire already attached, nothing else needs to be done.
  • If the new terminal is already wired, one of two things could happen:
    1. Swap the wire from the new terminal at the same time so it works somewhat like the scissors tool does now.
    2. Hold <ALT> or <SHIFT> (I haven't checked yet to see what key is still available) and it shifts all wires between the new and original terminals such that the closest one to the original moves to the original, and the others shift down.

With point #2, it may only make sense for some nodes (i.e. expandable nodes like the Concatenate Strings or Build Array, etc).

Proven Zealot

I added my kudos.

Knight of NI
Proven Zealot

I should've gone to check. Thanks, RavensFan.

Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

>I should've gone to check. Thanks, RavensFan.


I did check, for "switching", "scissors", "switch-a-roo", "inputs", "wires" but not for "swapping", "connection", "switcheroo" or "terminals"...


Anyway, it's in the spotlight again!

Proven Zealot