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Allow swapping the Select primitive inputs using the "switcheroo" tool

Status: Completed
Implemented in LabVIEW 2013

There's a useful shortcut (sometimes refered to as the "switcheroo" tool) which allows you to swap the inputs on primitives with two inputs if you Ctrl+Click the primitive.


It would be useful if this shortcut also worked on the inputs of the Select primitive. Ctrl+clicking one of the inputs would swap them:





Actually, what would be better (and a more general solution) was if this idea was implemented, but with 2 kudos that seems unlikely. 😉

Message Edited by Laura F. on 02-15-2010 08:46 AM

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I've wanted this feature for a long time!
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This is a good idea.  I thought it already had that feature.  Just goes to show that I didn't switch inputs often.  😉

Concerning the other idea you are referring to, it seems complicated.  So hopefully, this idea gets implemented first.

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

> Concerning the other idea you are referring to, it seems complicated.


Actually, it's very simple. I think I just explained it badly.


In the case of the select primitive, it would work as follows -


1. You have a wire wired into the bottom input, but you want it in the top one.

2. You click the bottom input. This "grabs" the wire, so to speak.

3. You click the top input. This moves the grabbed wire to the top input.


I posted an animation demonstrating this in the other idea.

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LOL!  Sorry, I may not have explained myself clearly.  Appologies.


I fully understood this one and yes, it would be easy to implement.


I mean the other idea that you proposed   here.


You want the ability to swap two wires from locations on a connector pane.  That's a little bit more tricky than doing it on a Selector.  Especially if you do allow a mix between inputs & outputs.  Maybe it doesn't matter and it would just treat the swap as being between two terminal regardless of what the terminals are attached to. 


Something for me (and NI) to think about.  😉


Message Edited by Ray.R on 10-22-2009 12:58 PM
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How about if we could instead "invert" the boolean center input of the "select" primitive, adding a small circle (similar to the compound arithmetic node)?

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I think that could be a valid separate idea, but could just add confusion on the BD.  The purpose of the switcheroo tool is basically to correct wiring mistakes.  To easily change the wiring to what you really intend for it to be.
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Knight of NI
Altenbach, you mean like this idea? Look at the comments.

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tst, did you mean you want the T and F to switch places (A), or you want the switcheroo tool to do its normal action (B)?





I think there's some confusion here between this idea and Andrey's Swap T/F Terminals in Select Function and duplicate Wim.Tormans' Select function: True case at the bottom or 'invert selector 'option and duplicate duplicate for(imstuck)'s switch true false on select.


My interpretation from your description is that this idea means B, and those other three links want A. However, your illustration (originally from Andrey's post) leads us to think this idea means A.

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I must not have looked that closely at the original image before.  When I kudoed the message, I was kudoing the idea as I understood it which would be Jack's picture B.
Message Edited by Ravens Fan on 02-13-2010 08:09 PM
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Definitely B.


I didn't even notice the terminals were reversed, or I would not have used that image. To be honest, the image doesn't illustrate what I want, so I'll ask Laura to replace it.

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