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Allow selecting multiple columns to be resized

Status: New

Just like excel, can't we have the luxury of selecting multiple columns (of a multicolumn listbox or table) before resizing the width.


Resizing multiple columns simultaneously.

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Just tested this (under LabVIEW 2011, Windows) and observed this:


For a table, if I turn on selection highlighting and select a couple of adjacent columns, then hold down ctrl and shift while moving the column separator, the selected columns resize together. (Without ctrl, shift-resize will resize all columns, with which I was already familiar.)


For the MCL, since I can't figure out how to select columns (it's really a zero/one/multiple row selection interface), I can't resize only specific columns.  However, the shift-resize trick still works to resize all columns together, though this isn't what you asked for.

David Boyd
Sr. Test Engineer
Abbott Labs
(lapsed) Certified LabVIEW Developer