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Allow scrolling while dragging item in Project Explorer

Status: Declined

This is being tracked by Bug 212368.

I work with large projects.  And I often need to move items around in my projects.  However...  while you're dragging an item in the Project Explorer, if the cursor is at the top or bottom of the visible area, the window does not scroll.  This means that the item you're moving, and its destination, must both be visible at the same time in order to drag and drop it.


I regularly have to un-expand items in order to be able to simply move a file.  This is time consuming and forces me to un-expand tree items that I would prefer to keep expanded.

Active Participant

Auto-scrolling in the project window used to work. I think it may have broken in 2020. I'm pretty sure it was still working in 2018.


This bugs me regularly. Maybe it should be reported as a bug?

Chris Virgona
Active Participant

It is reported in the annual bug thread.


It is discussed here.

Certified LabVIEW Architect
Active Participant
Status changed to: Declined

This is being tracked by Bug 212368.

Christina Rogers
Product Owner, LabVIEW R&D