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Allow probe on other than wires

Have you ever wanted to place a probe on a loop iteration counter? I can't tell you how many VIs I have with a wire from the iteration counter to the loop boundary just so I can put a probe there (Maybe a pop up iter. count would suffice). Or probe an output terminal on a VI that is not wired. I know you can open the VI and put a probe on the wire but..


There are probably more cases.


Minor issue, but since we have a chance to ask..has been bugging me for about 20 years now.



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Duplicate post... as of today, this idea is the #6 top rated idea of all time. Don't forget to search prior to posting new ideas.
Message Edited by JackDunaway (mechelecengr) on 09-14-2009 04:31 PM
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Sorry for wasting BW. When I looked the other day before posting about the persistent probes I didn't notice it.  Should have looked again!
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Nonetheless, it's a good idea, and the fact that multiple people can come up with the same good idea independently just gives it more clout.
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Agreed, and have kudoed originator.


If only I could remember my other 1E17 suggestions. Something to do with suspend when called..


Thanks, Rick


(some years later, and it's my first visit to the idea exchange after using LV for 4 years!)

Seems like this was a top idea of all time, but never got implemented?

It annoys the hell out of me when I want to probe a loop somewhere that seems to have hung up, but I can't get at the counter ...

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Status changed to: Duplicate