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Allow plot legend mouse events

Simple request - I want to be able to trigger mouse events on plot legends.


I thought of this idea in wanting to highlight a plot when I mouse-over the plot name, say by increasing plot width, or adding points to the lines.  I would expect such an event to return the plot number.


Perhaps key events would also be useful, but I can't think of others offhand.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Of course, you can already detect whether the mouse is over the legend and then detect which plot legend it is over using what is already existing (there is a slight limitation when there is a scrollbar in the legend, but that is a bug that NI has refused so far to acknowledge - I have no clue why).

I have a VI somewhere in the BreakPoint forum that does that (since I need that feature).


I also came across the situation to highlight a plot in the graph by increasing the line width. I had implemented this by adding another list box listing the plot names like a plot legend, when I select a lot name in the list box, I programatically increase the width of the plot. I would be nice if this highlighting feature is inbuit in the labview. Say, when mouse is clicked on the plot names of the plot legend, the corresponding plot can highlight (from within graph object).

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

The bug I referred to above has now been fixed in LV 2013. It is now possible to get access to the scrollbar position programmatically (check here):