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Allow multiple search result windows simultaneously

Add a new button to the search results dialog called "Set Aside" so I can have multiple search results open at the same time.  Put it near the bottom just below the search results.  When you click it, it changes the title of the window to "Search Results - Set Aside 1".  If you click "Set Aside" again when #1 is open, it will open "Search Results - Set Aside 2" ... and so on.  This way you can have several different search results open simultaneously.  I love the check mark feature in the search results, but it resets every time the search windows is closed or overwritten by a new search.  Thus I lose my place if I want to make sure to check every instance of something but need to search again while looking at one item.

Proven Zealot

What would the ctrl(+shift)+G behavior be?


Ctrl-G would work just like now, but it would pick the next item in the list from whatever search window has the highest Z order (closest to top).  So it you want to use the keyboard shortcut on a different search, all you do would be to click on that window (now it's top most) and it will be higher than any other search window.

Proven Zealot

I like this idea. I will flag it for both LabVIEW 20xx and LabVIEW NXG consideration. Honestly, if it happens, it is more likely to be LabVIEW NXG.

Proven Zealot

I like it, but don't love it yet. I'm a bit worried about screen resources. I'm already having problems finding one search results window among sometimes 40 windows.


What if the search results where kept in a tab? So when you pin the results, a new search would create a new tab, the old ones are accessible by clicking a previous tab.

Search Results.png


This would for me also be a bit more transparent which results are used when ctrl+G-ing.


With multiple windows, when an old one is closed, it can't be recovered (or I don't see how). With tab pages, when opening the search results, all pinned results are there. When done with the results, simply close the tab.


It would also make it easier to manage the results, for instance make them persist (stored) in a project.EDIT: never mind, different subject.


The tabs idea sounds cool.  I'd be down with that!  Either way, we just need to have multiple searches.  It could be a preferences option, tabs or windows.  Then everyone is happy.  Or if you wanted to be fancy, you could have a little "break out" / "combine" button that would take a tab and break it out into a separate window on demand.  Or cause a separate window to combine with prior search.  But I don't want to be greedy.  Anything that allows multiple searches, however it's done, would be awesome!

Active Participant

Kudos, but duplicate of this (and this)

Chris Virgona

Sorry, didn't search for previous posts.  The fact that the exact same idea has come up over and over again tells me it's a good idea.  Let's make it happen NI!

Proven Zealot

Funny how that thread goes over the exact same thought as we did here.


Don't worry about posting a duplicate. The idea is now freshened up again!

Proven Zealot