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Allow mouse wheel(s) to pan diagram while wiring in progress

Status: New

It's a little annoying to try to draw long wires to a terminal that's currently off screen -- you have to hold your mouse at the edge of the screen and LabVIEW slowly scrolls the window (Shift will speed this up a little bit).  Currently, neither the mouse wheel nor the touch pad work for panning/scrolling while a wire is currently in progress.


As an improvement, it would be great if the mouse wheel allowed panning the diagram while the new wire was still in progress.


See the attached video.


JKI Blog

This gets my kudos, but I've trained myself to stop waiting on the slow pan long ago.


The workaround: if you start a wire that you can't connect (without panning), just double-click on the block diagram creating a broken wire fragment.  Then pan over at full speed before connecting the wire fragment to its destination.


Sounds Great Idea.

Scroll mouse weel to pan while wiring 👍🏻

You got my kudos


I would suggest to let it work for vertical pan, as well as for horizontal pan distinguished by pressing shift.