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Allow legacy driver installation alongside current

Status: New



Many of us have to install multiple versions of LabVIEW on a development system due to legacy projects where the benefits of transfer to newer versions of LabVIEW are outweighed by time and risk.


What I'd like to be able to do is have modern versions of drivers etc installed at the same time as legacy ones that are unsupported.


For instance, I have IMAQdx installed for LV2019 and LV2016 using VAS 19.5, which is only backwards compatible down to LV2016 (ref). I'm trying to install IMAQdx 4.2 to be able to use it as part of an LV2013 installation, but the installer will always tell me that there's no need, I've got a newer version! Unfortunately, said newer version isn't compatible with LV2013.


My workaround is to uninstall IMAQdx and IMAQ 19.5, install 4.2, then deal with the consequences afterwards. The other alternative would be to set up a series of VMs for different versions, but that's easier said than done in my company!