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Allow editing of map and set constants

Status: New

Similar to how array and cluster constants on the block diagram can be edited, it would be useful to be able to edit map and set constants on the block diagram.


For example:


In the map constant above, the developer can scroll through and see all of the key value pairs in the map (plus an empty element at the end of the map).


It would be useful to also be able to edit the key-value pairs in the map (and add more key-value pairs to the map by changing the empty element at the end of the map).

Proven Zealot

Over the weekend, I built a prototype editor for sets. Works in LV 2019 (or 2020 for those of you in the beta program):

The UI is not good, but it works. I worked out the tricks of getting the type updated right so the plugin can work on any set data type. If someone wants to polish it to be a good UI, please, take a whack at it.


The procedure for making a map editor would be similar.