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Allow ^Z to "undo" in LabVIEW VI "Documentation" Property

Status: Declined

Moved to CAR database: CAR 733804

One of the most over-looked LabVIEW VI Properties, mentioned in all of the "Good LabVIEW Coding Practices", is the one called "Documentation", where you describe what the VI does, and its Inputs and Outputs (at a minimum).  [NI Examples are certainly guilty of this].


I've been trying (and mostly succeeding) to ensure that every VI I write has such Documentation.  Sometimes I make a mis-type, highlight "bad" parts, and hit the "Delete" (or backspace), then say "Oops, erased too much, let's undo that with ^Z".  Except there is no Undo, or at least it isn't bound to ^Z here.


I can find no other place in LabVIEW that doesn't allow ^Z to replace deleted text.  It works in String Constants, in Labels (whether Free Labels or names for Controls/Indicators), and other places.


To encourage LabVIEW Developers to use the Documentation property, can you please allow us to "undo a boo-boo" with ^Z?


Bob "Imperfect" Schor

Proven Zealot

>I can find no other place in LabVIEW that doesn't allow ^Z to replace deleted text. 


The Help Tag and Help Path in the same dialog.


Might as well fix those while fixing this.

Knight of NI

@Wiebe:  Thanks for expanding on the Problem Domain.  I suspect all of these are the same basic sub-system, so maybe "Fix One, Fix them All" ...


Bob Schor

Proven Zealot

It looks like the entire dialog discards CTRL in an event structure. Pressing CTRL+Z results in a "z" text entry...


Making undo work in a string control is easy (default behavior), but making it work for the entire dialog isn't easy. The text state of the individual texts need to me remembered, but then it will "fight" with the default undo of the individual string controls.


Guess that's the reason it's been actively "disabled"

Proven Zealot

> Guess that's the reason it's been actively "disabled"


From source code control history, the code that drives that dialog predates the introduction of undo into LabVIEW in LabVIEW 5.0. It's had some work done on it, but all superficial stuff. I suspect that the reason it does not work is that it never existed.


I doubt we can get to this in LV 2019 -- there's some heavy lifting already in the pipeline that I think y'all will like -- but I agree that this is worth some priority. I'll see if I can convince my peers likewise.

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And make Ctrl-a select all instead of "a" please...

I think such shortcuts are missing in a few more places though I don't remember which specifically.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Moved to CAR database: CAR 733804

DNatt, NI