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Allow Typedefs to have a User-Defined Wire

Status: New

Virtually ALL of my more complex typedefs have multiple datatypes wrapped in a cluster. The result? A pink wire. I have fat, pink wires all over my code.


Allow us to choose different patterns and colors for wires on a typedef. Increases the ability to spot a typedef, and allows for distinction between two complex datatypes.


(Note: I am not condoning making a new wire for every typedef... that would be a point of confusion when collaborating. I would just like to add distinction to some of my more distinct typedefs).





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Active Participant

Like the concept, but should keep a basic identity, just like the Queue refnum wire.

André Manzolli

Mechanical Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Developer - CLD
LabVIEW Champion
Curitiba - PR - Brazil
Yeah, I'm tired of pink. Too much pink. If objects can each have their own wires why not typedefs. Also, I like the auto wire pattern generation of objects.