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Allow Keyboard Shortcuts for User Items in Tools Menu

Status: New

With the advent of scripting, it is possible to create some nifty tools to aid in code writing.  Those that work on individual elements of the FP or BD can often work nicely in Quick Drop or the Right-Click Framework.  Some of these tools however, work most naturally as an addition to to Tools menu.  The missing piece of the puzzle for seamless integration into the IDE is the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts for those additions.  I would simply like the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to any item which appears in the Tools menu.  I have at least three things in there already more worthy of Ctrl-t.

Proven Zealot

Add it for user items? Heck, we don't have this feature for *NI* addons in the Tools menu. I'll vote for it. 🙂

Active Participant

The good news is that this is already on NI's radar -- I've suggested it to the API team on more than one occasion.  Hopefully we can drum up lots of support here in the Idea Exchange 🙂

JKI Blog

I like the idea. In addition to adding plugins to the tools menu, a few shortcut buttons might be nice for running and debugging your own plugins. i.e. quick drop VIs.




Just a though.


Proven Zealot

Don't get me wrong I'm all for this, but I worry a little about how it maybe abused.  Imagine I install some toolkit from the Tools Network.  It can now take over any CTRL key shorcut I want, like CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+Space.  And I may have some custom ones of my own, but installing something can overwrite it.


I do what this, but I'm not sure what implications this may have.

Proven Zealot

I think a Tools plugin should not be able to claim a shortcut just like that just from being installed. It should be a conscious user decision made in some configuration tool in every case. As a compromise I could maybe live with a Tools plugin somewhere specifying a prefered Shortcut, much like newer QD plugins can, but it should definitely not be able to claim any shortcut that is already registered elsewhere by explicit user configuration.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV