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Allow Dynamically Registered User Events to preserve Native Datatype in Event Structure

Status: New

The current behavior of LabVIEW is as such:




The pick list of event data strips the cluster, only allowing access to the elements inside the cluster. In order to manipulate the native datatype, you must reconstitute the cluster inside the event structure, a performance hit on large data structures firing at quick event rates. This is not to mention a messy FP.


I suggest that User Events preserve the clustered event datatype, allowing the programmer to access to the native datatype on the consumer end. The option to select only the element "Clustered Typedef.Array of I32s" of course still remains, but is not forced upon you. (Note that the below block diagram is NOT a direct LabVIEW screenshot... brought to you by trickery and a paint program. I clustered the cluster on event datatype [not shown] so that the event structure could eat the outer layer)




My motivation with this suggestion is directly linked with my other post on the Big Typedef Issue.

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I Vote that it is a bug!


Free cuba/ east timor  my clus-ters!

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Free my clus-ters!

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Nest the cluster in another cluster?

Rebundle the Bundle that you previously bundled because it got unbundled when you didn't ask for it to be ubundled?



Fix this. Really guys. Just...fix it.

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Well, you have another option: send it as a variant and re-convert it at the other end.  All these are suggested detours around a "road feature" (a generous name for a "pot hole"), when we want the "road feature" to "change" (i.e., get filled).

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