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All build-able targets should have versioning

Status: New

When I build a web service in LabVIEW, there is no version number updated for each build.  If I then install that web service on my target, I have no way of determining what build has been installed.

I have solved this by creating some scripting VIs that update a VI control's default value when the build is run.  This VI is available via my web service so I can ask it what version it is.


I think everything that can be built from the project should have a version attached to it and that version should be accessble and reportable.  Also, it should be possible to auto-increment it.

Certified LabVIEW Architect
1 Comment

This feature should be consistant among all buildable targets too. Currently, the version displayed in the build spec will be the next build number, or will get incremented before the next build (FPGA). All should use the version number in the build spec as the next built version, then increment after, never before build.