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Add virtual error terminals to any VI

Status: Duplicate

I suggest having a feature that would allow us to add "virtual" error terminals to any VI by right-clicking any VI and selecting "Add Virtual Error Terminals...". These virtual terminals would do nothing more than act as pass-through tunnels to facilitate data flow. This would allow us to minimize the use of sequence structures:



Knight of NI

There are already some ideas that deal with errors on the wait function, but your idea is more general.


I don't know yet is we really need this, but I would not want it to overlap the icon. What if the subVI already has other inputs and outputs defined on the lower corner connectors???


These dataflow connectors need to be outside the regular icon. There probably should be some sort of shell around it. For example, it could look like "call by reference node", but without the reference terminals. It could extend below the icon instead of above.

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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
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Trusted Enthusiast

Looks virtually identical to the second part of this idea.

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The idea is very good.


I would only place the virtual connectors below or somewhere else ...

Because if connectors already exists at the same place it would be a problem.


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This is related to "Sequence Containers" to force execution flow without data dependancies. The Sequence Container would allow any wire to constrain execution order, not just the Error Wire.

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Community Team
Status changed to: Duplicate

Duplicate of ...


You could have accomplished the same by using a single frame flat sequence around the "wait" with the error wire going through it.

I don't really see that as using up either that much BD space or that many mouse clicks.

The fact that beginners sometimes oversue the flat sequence where it isn't appropriate doesn't mean it has no appropriate uses.