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Add the installer to the Application Builder API

Status: New

So I've recently discovered Darren's original post regarding the App Builder API ( and used it to fully automate my build process.  I can't tell you how much time this saves me!  I work primarily on a good sized app that depends on an ever shifting array of plugins and 3rd party installers, and having the ability to programmatically add or remove them from a build is a lifesaver.  But because the API doesn't extend to the installer, I still have to do that last part by hand.  I'd really like to see an installer API that would allow me to add build specs to an installer on the fly.  It would be especially handy to have the ability to add other files, specify their location, and (if they are executables) set them to run them following the install. 





Great Idea!

I was just looking for the installer API.....and wasn't able to find it Smiley Happy


What I forgot to mention:

maybe this article can help you...but only if just have to "run" the builder.


Thanks, oenk!  I'm actually already using the  But because my application uses a plugin architecture - which varies from customer to customer - I would like to be able to programmatically specify which plugins to include with each installer.  I could create multiple installer build specs, but frankly that would get unmanageable pretty quickly.


Your shortcut procedure tottaly managed and created by you. But another option is whats the main application building part. You wrote about something missing. But you can also finding whats the major errors by your intelligence. This type of solution I also heared from Fat-Brain .