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Add 'size to text' for Enums and Rings in arrays like you can for combo boxes in arrays

It would be a small yet very welcome improvement if the 'size to text' option could be added to the enum and ring options when in arrays rather than having to manually adjust them.


Enum vs Combo box.PNGHere we have a combo box vs enum in an array. Both contain identical lists which consist of the following: Enum List.PNG


Now if you right click the combo box you get the option to size to text: Combo List Option.png Right click the enum and you don't: Enum in Array Right Click.PNG


Also, when you 'size to text' on the combo box list, it sizes to the item you selected rather than sizing to the longest string as shown here: Combo Box Not To Longest String.PNG

Yes you could argue that it did exactly what you asked but my preference, and I'm sure others will agree, that it would be best to size to the longest string. Maybe have two options in the list. 'size to current element' and 'size to longest element'






Trusted Enthusiast

Excellent link Darin.K and some good comments/ideas in there. Personally I agree with blawson that the array should automatically size to the longest string by default with the option to turn off in the LabVIEW options. Also agree that it should be the same for numeric arrays 


Double clicking would also be an improvement if it sized to the longest element and not the one you simply decided to hover over. This would be beneficial if you had turned autosizing off for whatever reason.


I did read another idea on here some time ago around this that said the array constant should have a symbol or number that appears and changes to show if elements are both hidden in index form as well as if the full string/value is not visible. So say if you have an array of 100 elements but only 3 are shown due to block diagram constraints then a number should appear to show how many are contained within it or at least a symbol, say a vertical red line under the increment/decrement buttons. The same for if the the string/value is hidden, so possibly a horizontal red line underneath the increment/decrement buttons that crosses the horizontal red line for hidden elements. That way you know if either elements, string or both are hidden. Annoyingly I can't find the link as it was an excellent suggestion.     

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Mitch_Peplow, that must be this idea you're talking about:



CLA, CTA, CLED & LabVIEW Champion

That's the one, cheers Steen