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Add setting to automatically float new probes in LabVIEW 2009 Probe Watch Window.

The Probe Watch Window is a great addition to LabVIEW 2009 and I like that I have one centralized location to control all my probes.


What I don't like is that every newly created probe is embedded in the Probe Watch Window. There are various use cases where this is not desirable (see this discussion on LAVA for more info about it).


In the situation where you need the probe to be floating; instead of doing the following (for creating a new probe):


  • Right click on wire >> Probe (Or custom Probe)

You have to do the following (for every single new probe):


  •  Right click on wire >> Probe (Or custom Probe)
  •  Go to the Probe Watch Window and either:
    •  Click the "Open in New Window" Button
    •  Right Click "Open Window" Button


Basically this take twice as much effort as before.


I think that we need an ini setting (or a button in the probe watch window) to automatically float probes upon creation.

Active Participant
It would be nice if there were an easy way to quickly float-all and unfloat-all probes.  And, it would be cool if the probes all remembered their positions when this setting was toggled.
Message Edited by Jim Kring on 08-17-2009 10:20 AM
JKI Blog

Also we could have a setting to make closing a floating window close the probe rather than re-embedding it in the probe window.


Or, even better, have the probe window replaceable with G code ala the icon editor !

Gavin Burnell
Condensed Matter Physics Group, University of Leeds, UK
Proven Zealot

> Or, even better, have the probe window replaceable with G code ala the icon editor!


The Probe Watch Window was originally conceived as a pure G implementation, but because of its interaction with the execution system for some of its display work we backed off of that solution. It could be done but the refactoring necessary was not deemed worth the time. 

In addition to having a default setting, I like the idea of having a ctrl/alt/shift click upon probe creation that would perform the opposite of the default setting.