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Add search results preview

Status: New

At the moment, if I want to review my search results, I'm required to double click each item. This opens the diagram (usually) and the front panel. I then have to close them, or I might end up with dozens of open windows.


Of course I could use CTRL+G, but I'd still need to clean up the opened windows.


Another slowdown is that the highlighted item can popup anywhere on my screen(s). This "gaze time" adds up if you need to browse through dozens of results.

It would save me tons of time if the search results window had a preview of the result:

Search Results Preview.png

The found item should be in the center, preferably highlighted in some way.


It would allow me to give the listbox key focus, and use up\down to browse through all items very quickly, without any need to clean up!

Some additional thoughts:



 I'd be OK with an image, it doesn't need to be like the DD preview in LV2020. I'd prefer to see an image even if the diagram is already opened...


Scrollbars might be nice?


The proposed image is just a quick sketch. It would need a splitter bar, and perhaps the preview should be optional?