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Add "frame" toggle to Visible Items of all controls.

Status: New

One pain point of the Labview UI for me is eliminating the recessed border of controls - clusters and arrays in particular since there is no "system" version of these controls.  You have to activate the paintbrush tool, click on a 2-pixel wide line, then do the spacebar-and-transparent color dance.  It's something I do regularly, it's clumsy, and it's not at all intuitive for a new user.


But if you have a subpanel control and you go into the Visible Items section of the popup menu, you can toggle the frame as a visible item:

subpanel frame.jpg 


This should be on EVERYTHING!!!! 

Trusted Enthusiast

A somewhat related idea is altenbach's Flat controls, indicators, and containers. If his idea were implemented, I think the essence of this idea would be addressed.

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Oh nice, you're right, and his idea addresses the corollary of my idea which is to give the designer control of array and cluster padding.  I hope that a general overhaul of controls is in the works, it's a hassle to get controls looking how I want, and every passing year sees the shipping controls looking more and more dated.