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Add "Excel Get Last Column" function to Report Generation Toolkit

Status: New

The Excel-Specific, Excel General sub-Palette of the Report Generation Toolkit contains a useful function, "Excel Get Last Row".  This allows a user to add new rows of data to an existing Worksheet by returning a cluster of MS Office Parameters that can be used with the other Excel Report functions (such as Excel Easy Table) to place the new (row-organized) data below existing rows, such as Column Headers, that might be already present in the Template.



I propose that NI add a similar "Excel Get Last Column" that does the same thing, but returns the last column on the WorkSheet.  This would be useful when entering data one column at a time, not uncommon when entering multiple channels (columns) of sampled data, where you want the new data to be just to the right of the existing (columnar) data.


Get Last Column.png

I could easily write such a function myself, but so could NI, and if NI did it, everyone who uses the Report Generation Toolkit would have access to such functionality.


Bob Schor