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Add an "Uncheck All" button to the Device Drivers DVD feature selection screen

Status: New

When you run the LabVIEW Platform DVD, the default setting is that LabVIEW gets installed and nothing else. You can then go pick and choose what modules and toolkits to install. I like this default because I usually only want to install LabVIEW and a few other modules and toolkits. It is faster for me to select the few modules that I want to install rather than unchecking all of the modules I don't want to install.


When you run the Device Drivers DVD, it tries to guess what drivers you want installed based on the software you already have installed. However, it usually wants to install more drivers than I want it to install. It is a hassle to go through the driver list and unclick the drivers I don't want to install because most of them have dependencies that you have to unclick first. 


Idea: Their should be a button on the Device Drivers installation screen to unselect all of the drivers (see image below). I don't think the Device Drivers DVD default should be the same as the Platform DVD; a lot of new users won't know what drivers they need and installing all of the recommended drivers is a safe bet. However, many users do know what drivers they want and it saves time and hard drive space to only install the necessary drivers. Adding an "uncheck all" button would make this process faster and less frustrating.


device drivers.png

Add an "Uncheck All" button!

Active Participant

I've been really fighting this "feature" a lot lately. It's not just the disk space, but the time required to install all drivers. A better selective process would save a lot of time.


LabVIEW versions 5.0 - 2020

“All programmers are optimists”
― Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
Active Participant

Great Idea. Who hasn't spent too much time at this screen? Similarly, I'd like to see a checkmark for "Things I Actually Own", to keep down on all the eval installations.


Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Nice idea.


"Uncheck All" fans are invited to take 10 seconds to kudo this quite old idea.


What really annoys me the most by this dialog, is that it has too small a tree-view window and moreover - it can not be resized. This hinders a good overview as also suggested here.