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Add an option to Application Builder > Installer build specification to enable 'Shared' files in installers

Status: New

With Application Builder installers there is no way to flag a file as a 'shared' component in the build specification.  This feature is used in MSI installation when files are shared or common among multiple product installers; for example, the files located in \National Instruments\Shared are common dependencies for NI products or in LabVIEW-built EXEs this could be a shared dependency between two applications, like a DLL.  Currently, if two product installers built in Application Builder install the same file, when either of these products is later removed the shared dependency goes with it and the second product is broken!


Some good news is you can use MSI editors like InstallShield to edit the MSI after creating it with Application Builder in order to enable a tag/setting for your shared files:



There are also open source MSI editors available, like Inst Edit, with similar options for tagging files as shared components.


What can be done in Application Builder?

Could an option be added to 'Source File Settings' to tag files as 'Shared' so a third-party MSI editor is no longer necessary?


1 Comment
This will be very good feature as we have multiple products and we wanted to share the files across products. We finally used Inst Edit. It is good to have this feature as part of LabVIEW Application builder to avoid dependency on the 3rd party open source tools.