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Add a setting to allow different label positions for controls and indicators

Status: Duplicate
See additional idea conversations linked below.

Currently we are limited to setting a Default label position which is then applied to both controls and indicators.  It would be nice if we could have different settings for controls and indicators.  If a LabVIEW developer has a programming style where they put control labels on the left side of block diagram controls and on the right side of indicators, they currently don't have a default option that would fit this.  Setting Default label position to Left-bottom solves the case for controls, but then leaves the labels on top of the wires for new indicators.

Suggestion would be make the current setting for controls, and to add a second setting for indicators.




Renamed Default control label position and added Default indicator label position, along with a control with the label on the left and an indicator with label on the right.

Knight of NI

This sounds like a duplicate of this idea. Separate label locations for Controls and Indicators


Well I also feel the difficulty for deciding the default position for Controls and Indicators togather and end up with the default location 🙂

 This is really a great idea and save enormous of time while cleaning up the Block diagram. Similar provision should be provided for Front panel also.

NI Employee
Status changed to: Duplicate
See additional idea conversations linked below.
Todd S.
LabVIEW Community Manager
National Instruments