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Add a label that indicates the cluster size to "Array To Cluster" function

Status: New

Function "Array To Cluster" of the current version does not see the cluster size, we propose adding a label indicating the cluster size.


Current version

Array to cluster.PNG


Array to cluster_suggest.PNG
Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

This is basically a subset of

Try to take over the world!
Proven Zealot

No, it's not really.  It's actually only about visibility of code parameters.


I would add this to the list of other ideas trying to find some sane way of letting users know which secret settings our beloved LV primitives are hiding from us.


If you've ever worked with FXP on an FPGA target, you know immediately what I'm talking about.....

Active Participant

I think this idea has a chance if none of the others, presented by tst an wevanarsdale, succeed.

André Manzolli

Mechanical Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Developer - CLD
LabVIEW Champion
Curitiba - PR - Brazil
Trusted Enthusiast

I much prefer the method from the comments of Broken Arrow's idea showing the number inside the icon, bonus points for making it editable.