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Add a QR Code (2D Bar Code) Option To NI Product Activation Dialog

Status: New

Provide an option to display a QR (2-D) code in the product activation dialog.  The QR code should contain a web address that would return the activation codes for all selected products.  For those of us stuck out in a lab or factory with only our smart phones this would provide a slick, foolproof way to enter all of the data needed.  It would save us from either making a round trip back to civilization (with a pad full of info) or getting carpal-tunnel trying to type all that stuff in on a little soft keyboard (multiple times for multiple activations = hand cramp).  We would still have to type the resulting activation codes into the LabVIEW activation screen but that's a lot easier than all the rest.


Idea details:

1) Provide a http link as a QR code 


2) Have the target web page auto-generate the activation codes and display them (preferably in a mobile browser friendly format)

3) As an alternative, let the user upload a picture with the QR code to the NI activation web site for the same result (works for anyone with a camera not just smartphone users -- this would also let you show off IMAQ.)

4) Profit


(And, once you have the QR-code generation code available, add a VI for it to LabVIEW -- see


1 Comment
Same need over and over again, I hope this will be done soon... But this isn't LabVIEW related only and should be integrated in future Licence Manager and optional should be available as extra tool so you can activate older versions too.