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Add a Find->Event to the shortcut menu for controls

When designing larger user interfaces often times my event structure ends up with many cases sorted in no real order. Commonly there are multiple controls that trigger the same event case. It is cumbersome to try and find the particular event case where a control is handled.




What I would like to see is a Find -> Event in the shortcut menu for a control. We can currently search for the front panel control, local variables and property nodes if used. It seems logical that events should be included in that list as well.


Right Click.PNG

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Yes it does. Didn't see that when I searched before posting.


Todd S. Can you merge these two threads or mark it as duplicate.

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...and it could be implemented with a Hierarchical Find.
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To make you life easier: Right-Click onTitle Bar >> select Rearrange cases>> Select Sort.


Now your events are sorted in alphabetical order - sort of!


This also works for string Cases also. For ENUM cases the sort arranges the cases in ENUM order. Therefore manually sort the ENUM then you can rearrange the cases.


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Alphabetic order helps you only so far in a complex case structure - you might want to group the cases more based on the content or the functional group rather then on the name, and even worse, if a case is triggered by more then one control/events, you obviously can only sort for the first but not the others - and you can not change the order the controls are listed in unless you delete all events handled by the case and add them in the new order, not very practical. The automatic sort hardly ever helped me with event structures...

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