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Add Train Real-time Data Protocol (TRDP)

Status: New

I know this was asked three years ago, but TRDP was fairly new back in 2017 and is becoming more in use in the rail industry.


As we are going to be moving away from Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) networks over to TRDP, we need a solution to continue lab testing our software using LabView to simulate a vehicle interacting with a control unit using TRDP.

1 Comment
Proven Zealot

Previous 2017 request was declined for lack of interest, but rather than close this as a duplicate, I will recommend NI to leave it open as it is a developing spec that may garner more interest today.


Relevant information from the previous request:

Train Real-time Data Protocol (TRDP) supports the increasing network requests on board of trains and railways. For more information: