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Add Select Area - Move Area feature to Icon Editor

Status: Completed
Fixed in LabVIEW 2011 and later

This functionality seems simple enough even Paint can do it. In the Icon Editor, select an area of pixels and automatically change to the Move tool to move the selected set of pixels. Currently, you have to select a set of pixels, copy/cut & paste it to a new layer and then move it there. Simply moving a set of pixels within the currently selected layer would make for much quicker, simple edits without adding more layers.





National Instruments
Applications Engineer
Knight of NI

Are you sure you can't do this now?  I thought you could once you click on the move tool.  Unfortunately, I'm not at a LabVIEW computer right now to be able to confirm whether you can or can't.

Trusted Enthusiast

Agree with Ravens Fan here, already in place.  Draw the box, move the mouse inside and drag away.  What I miss is the ability to nudge the selection box without moving the pixels.  I am always missing by one pixel and end up having to reselect.

Trusted Enthusiast

This definitely worked in 2009, was completely broken in 2010 (had to cut, and pasting added two duplicate layers), and is slated to be fixed (I think) in a future rev. This is probably more of a bug report than a feature request.

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It's broken in LV 2010. It will be fixed in LV 2011. It is *not* fixed in the upcoming LV 2010 SP1. Yes, very frustrating bug. I *believe* that the patched VIs are available somewhere on for LV 2010, but I could be wrong.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Yes, very annoying behavior of LV2010 ! I would be very interested in the patched VIs.

Active Participant

I haven't uploaded the patched VIs yet, but I hopefully get to it this weekend.

Active Participant

For all you CAR junkies (I know you're out there), the CAR ID is #235737.


It's definitely boken in 2010.  In 2009, you cannot "nudge" a selected area of pixels using the arrow keys as in the old icon editor.  In older versions you could move the selection on pixel at a time using the arrow keys.


Personally, I'd like to see the the move tool operate on a selected region in addition to whole layers.  The behavior now is that after selecting a region of pixels, if you choose the move tool, the selection is cancelled, and only the entire layer can be moved by selecting it in the list.  I would like to be able to select an area of pixels, choose the move tool, and have handles appear on the selection to indicate that the selected region is now moveable.  This is how many other pixel editors work (, etc.).  Once the handles appear, the user should be able to move the slection using the arrow keys, or by dragging.  I admit that having to select the move tool is not as convenient as moving the cursor into the bounds of the selection, but is is more deliberate, and more in line with other programs.  Also, if your intent is to redefine the selection, having the cursor switch to "the hand" when moving into the selection can be annoying, and requires the selection to be cancelled before it can be redefined from a starting point within the current boundary.


In summary, if a region of pixels is selected, the move tool should operate on that selected region for all selected layers.  If there is no pixel selection, the move tool should move all selected layers.


Steen S. Schmidt

The icon editor in LV 2010 is actually close to useless. I have a hard time understanding how that could ship with a released LV version? I often have LV 2009 open alongside 2010 just to make icons in, when I'm forced to code something in 2010... go figure.

CLA and CTA. Worked with LabVIEW from 4.0 to 2010 and counting...
Active Participant

ThSa are you really going to upload a patch? Its really annoying do the cut and paste after forgetting that the move is not working...

André Manzolli

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Certified LabVIEW Developer - CLD
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Curitiba - PR - Brazil