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Add LV version to window title

Status: New
When I am running multiple version of LV at the same time I have a hard time telling by sight which version a given VI belongs to.  As others have noted, double-clicking opens the last version used, regardless of the VI version.  This leads to occasional upconversion when an 8.6 VI is opened in LV2009 and subsequently saved.  Every time I want to create a new VI I have to double-check which version I have open using 'About LabVIEW' or checking for subtle differences in the pallettes.  I would appreciate it if the version appeared in the title bar of the window.  In fact, any visual cue would be helpful.
Trusted Enthusiast

Hi Darin,


I guess you allready know the INI token ShowExePathinWindow.




(just for reference)






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I did learn about the INI key after this request, so I would ask that we get something a little less verbose.  I do like the idea of making it a separate key.



Proven Zealot

I was thinking about writing an idea for the exchange about including the LabVIEW version within the LabVIEW icon itself, like Visual Studio does:




Should I make that a new idea, or should we include it as part of this one?

DNatt, NI
@Darren:  I think modifying the icon itself is sufficient. We don't lose any space on the title bar, it is visible in both normal windows and on the Windows task bar.
Proven Zealot

I went ahead and posted a new idea about including the version number in the app icon.



DNatt, NI