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Add Align, Distribute, Sizing, Grouping, and Order to edit time context menu

The Align, Distribute, Sinzing, and Grouping/Order menus in the tool bar are located in a very inconvenient position, especially when the FP or BD is sized in a way that hides the buttons. Currently if that happens we have to resize the window, select the desired actions, and resize the window back to where it was before.


This could be vastly simplified by adding these actions to the context menu if multiple objects are selected. As of LV 8.6 when you select multiple items on the FP or the BD a right-click produces a context menu that simply gives you the option to change Properties. I propose adding to the context menu as follows:


Align Objects

Distribute Objects

Resize Objects

Reorder Objects

Group Objects




I do know the shortcut keys to redo the last Alignment and the last Distribution but a lot of the times I want to first align some controls left then others top and so on which requiresto reselect the proper method every time.


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Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast
Your idea is similar to this one I posted some days ago.