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Accessing class private data via property nodes - Reduce BD footprint

LV2010 introduced a new possibility of accessing class private data via property nodes. However, I suggest to reduce the size of the property node when the Name Format is set to Short Names (default). The suffix .lvclass is not necessary.



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Proven Zealot

But you would still include the qualified name, yes?

Active Participant

AQ: As it is now, the full qualified name is shown only if Long Names is selected for Name Format. I think that's right - if someone wants to see the full qualified name, then choose Long Names. If not (usually), let's show only the stripped class name.

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Proven Zealot


NI Employee

You can edit the short name by editting the class: right click on the class in the project window and go to Properties.  On  the Documentation page, you can set the "Localized Name" field which is the short name of the class.


(A class has a few names: long name, short name, and a filename.  By default all three are the same.  For LabVIEW Classes, the long name is always the same as the filename.)

-- Mike
Active Participant

Mike: Thanks for the tip, changing the Localized Name actually did the job. Anyway, wouldn't it be a good idea to strip the default Localized Name of the .lvclass suffix?

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Proven Zealot