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Abort all VIs Button in Taskbar (Modal Windows Problem)

Status: New

There are times when I leave a VI with modal properties open and then I run the main application that also calls this VI if opened in the development environment. This locks all running windows due to the modal VI. I propose a button in the taskbar that aborts all running VIs OR perhaps a list is opened on right-click of all running VIs 🙂





:. LV2010 SP1 ... W7 .:

Thanks, crossrulz, I have done so.

I must try using the argument "I introduced your problem deliberately during the design phase so it is not a bug" to my customers - I'm sure they would be convinced Smiley Very Happy

Proven Zealot

JonP wrote:

> I had just hit the problem and was feeling a little aggrieved!


Some days, the only service I can provide to my users is to be a target they can vent at. It is a service I generally provide free of charge. 🙂 But I thank you for the apology.


Crossrulz wrote:

> You guys are just arguing semantics.


Are you sure they aren't arguing syntax? Sure seems like it is a question of which keyword will get this idea to compile: bug or feature request. 🙂


The answer is -- this is extremely unlikely to change in LabVIEW 20xx as the panel-to-window relationships turn out to be rather foundational to LabVIEW's operation. However, LabVIEW NXG is planning to treat modality very differently and -- I think -- eliminate this issue entirely. That remains a work in progress.

Proven Zealot

Apart from the syntax\semantics with regards to modal windows, the original idea stands on it's own although modal windows are in the title.


A task bar "Abort all running VIs" that stops all VIs including clones would be helpful. It would save me some time searching for my super stop all that does it. Sure LV can do a better job, as finding all clones is near impossible.