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Ability to view newer/older VIs without converting their version

I know that we finally have the Version Conversion board to handle all the "convert this to that" requests that people used to post.  Related ideas that have been suggested include 1) a webservice to convert VIs automatically and 2) a specific LabVIEW utility to do the conversion for you.


What I suggest is something a little different and maybe simpler for NI to create.  I would like the ability to open a higher version, non-functional VI  with the following options:


  • The ability to see the GUI and block diagram of the VI (maybe as just image files if NI can't handle it otherwise).
  • A dialog box (or something like that) that gives a summary reason why the VI won't run in your version of LV.
  • Question mark icons where offending subVIs reside in the block diagram.

I think this would be useful because it would at least let you see how the VI functioned - sometimes that's enough to help you figure out a problem.

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When you buy LabVIEW, you are automatically enrolled in the SSP. As long as you have maintained your SSP enrollment, you can download and install the old versions of LabVIEW going back to LV 7.1 from


That would give you the ability to view the older diagrams. Generating views for older LabVIEWs in the latest LabVIEW is not something we're likely to support -- the mutations we perform are often because the code needed for the older diagrams simply isn't maintained any more, and we don't have the ability to render until the objects of the diagram are fully instantiated in memory.


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