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Ability to Group events in the event structure ...

Status: New



Sometimes, you have event structures which have to handle a big list of events.

With such a big list of events it's sometime hard to find the event you want to modify.


So, it should be nice to have the ability to Group the events by function, by keyword ....

In place of having a simple list, a 2 level treeView will be more user friendly.



Knight of NI

(Most of the time I place associated controls inside their respective event frame. Finding the specific event then simply requires double-clicking the control to find the terminal, and thus find the event case.)


I am not sure how you want to implement the event grouping. Do you have more details on how should it look like?

Active Participant

Hello Altenbach,


I have no clear idea ... it's just a need to "sort" my events in a userfriendly way.


It could be made for example with an event name "alias" which could take the place of the real event name.

A name containing a/multiple dot(s) could be a way to construct the treeView.

The default alias could be the real name of the event.


Application.timeout coul be viewed by default as follow ..





|------- Close

|------- Close ?


|------- ButtonOK

|------- ButtonCancel


Trusted Enthusiast

I have felt the need for the same idea long time back. But what I used to do was like what Altenbach has suggested. I used to keep my control inside its Value Change event case, followed by ValSig & Mouse events (if any) in that order. Then once I came to know (in Highlight Execution mode) that Mouse events take precedence over Keyboard events, I began to rearrange my events accordingly. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong about the Mouse events' precedence over the Keyboard events.

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2021 🙂 )
Marc Blumentritt

YES! Very usefull, indeed! While we are at it, I want the ability to group case structures, too. My state machines (with enum as input) can get quite big. At the moment I create "dummy" states like this "___DATA AQUISITION___" in my enum to group corresponding states. But this is nothing more than a hack. Real grouping would be MUCH better!


Ideas for implementation:

1.) Right click on frame of event/case structure and choose "Group Events..."

2.) Create custom group names.

3.) Place events/cases and/or groups(!) in group.

4.) Finished.


The drop down list for choosing event/case works more or less like the drop down list for polymorphic VIs. Events/cases, which are not in a group, are placed in the drop down menu below the group names or alphabetically or can be sorted manually.


You should have an option to display the "short" name of the event/case or "full name" including the group name(s) and event/case name.


When scrolling through events/cases with the mouse scroll wheel, there should be an option to scroll through all events or only through the current group events.




Marc Blumentritt

@ parthabe:

What do you mean with precedence? Order of execution of multiple events, which are created by a single action (e.g. the events double-click and value change of a list)?

Active Participant

A hierachical menu would be nice.