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A text toolbar

As mentioned at the end of my comment here, editing text is a bit clumsy. There should be a text toobar that is similar to what we can find in any other application.


Maybe it could be dynamic so it only appears when editing text.


Here's the quote from the other thread:


One thing that should be improved is the font pulldown which feels so early 1990's. When working with text, we want a text toolbar like anywhere else, (even in the post editor here in the forum!) with a bold, italic, etc. buttons, font and size rings, etc. You know what I mean!

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that would be a great addition.
JKI Blog
Why settle for just a text toolbar.  We should have icons, pull-down menus, text boxes, separators, etc.  Every Window application has a toolbar and statusbar.  The Microsoft ribbonbar would be a nice feature too!
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It'll be good to have background color (background and frame) in there for labels. That would come in very handy for labels that sit on top of decoration frames.