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A Menu Entry to Clear Variant Data

I recently noticed that some of my fitting model VIs were excessively large on disk. It turns out that during debugging long ago I made the current values the default so I can run it standalone. This also meant that the data variant control contained a gigantic kernel matrix.


For some reason it is not obvious how to clear the variant (in order to be able to make the new value default and make the VI small again).


For example for the nonlinear fitting model templates, the data is not shown by default, obscuring the fact that it is the culprit for the excessive size. This also makes clearing the variant tedious ( all data...delete...right-click...uncheck show data...).


IDEA: I propose a new menu entry: " operations...Clear Data" or similar.


See picture. Thanks!



LabVIEW Champion Do more with less code and in less time
Knight of NI

Similar to the Empty Array right-click menu.  Makes sense to me.

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Yes, I've had to empty variants once in a while. Kudos.

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Good one. Kudos

Dany Allard

Proven Zealot

 ( all data...delete...right-click...uncheck show data...).

kudos...Smiley Happy

Proven Zealot

Alternate sequence of steps:

Drop new variant. Copy data from it. Paste data into existing variant. Make current value default. Delete new variant.


Still a pain but easier than the menus mess.


Kudos for the idea.

Knight of NI

So, long after posting my idea here, Bob Price made a shortcut menu plugin (I missed that somehow) and this is what really should be in LabVIEW by default!



LabVIEW Champion Do more with less code and in less time
Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

I agree!


As an itinerate wire-worker, I often find myself in front of a customer's machine inside of a barbed wire fence and no access to special code the internet or even a USB device.


If it is not built-in, it is of little use to me.