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While for loops inside SCTLs offer limited functionality, placing an unsupported element inside the for loop does not result in broken code. Instead, one has to wait until the second stage of generating intermediate files to discover that the element is not supported. Code like the example below should show a broken run arrow if it is not supported.


Annotation 2019-08-14 111042.png

While attempting to debug NI1483 issues, I found it necessary to make modifications to the NI1483 CLIP.  In LabView 2014 and earlier, it's not possible to maintain your own IO Module CLIP directory.  One must maintain all IO Modules within the IO module search path (<National Instruments>\Shared\FlexRIO\IO Modules folder ).  This can be done by copying an existing IO module to a new path within the <National Instruments>\Shared\FlexRIO\IO Modules folder, then editing the *.tbc file to rename the "model" key.  The main issues with this approach are the potential lack of administrator permissions and the difficulty of maintaining source control in a non-project related system directory.


The suggestion is thus:


1. Give the user an option to select the path of the IO module under the IO module Properties General Category (When Enable IO Module is selected).


That's it!