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Size Xilinx IP icon to fit its terminal labels

Typical Xilinx IP core icon like FFT and DDS looks like this - in expanded mode:

Typical Xilinx IP icons in expanded view

The connector labels are very hard to read. I guess everybody agrees on that this could be improved. And it is not that there is a "standard" narrow width to obey, for instance FIFO is wider than the Xilinx IP icons.

Thanks for considering this.

Active Participant

How dare you ask to see all the text ; )


This seems more like a bug to me; I have filed a corrective action request for this issue. We can perhaps leave the idea around so we can get a sense of how many people are hitting the issue, so Kudo away if you're having this same problem.

Active Participant

I didn't have this problem yet. I think that the icon is already too big. I think the names should be truncated and added to a "...", something like this: "vent_tlast_missin" -> "vent_tlast_mis...". On a mouse hover a Tip Strip will show the complete text.

André Manzolli

Engenheiro Mecânico
Certified LabVIEW Developer - CLD
LabVIEW Champion
Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Manzolli has a point. LV is a graphical programming language. This may result in unwieldy large objects on the diagram. Maybe provide an option to choose between long names or short names (inspired from that existing for clusters). Or let the user adjust the size of the object and have the name being truncated accordingly (the best convention for that is open to discussion, but it is useful to be able to see the beginning and end of the name). Tip strip seems mandatory.

Active Participant

If you don't want the large node, LabVIEW should provide a compact iconic form of the node that doesn't use text at all (like a compact vi call) and then you can just hover over the terminal or look at the context help for the connection information.


I agree that the contracted view icon is actually better than the expanded view because it is smaller, has clear in-out distinction, and the expanded view is anyway almost imposible to read, so no benefit of larger size.


It all comes back to the strange namings by Xilinx IP core - the names are long, highly redundant and not very informative, such as "s_axis_config_tvalid" or "s_axis_data_tdata". 

All IO's have _axis_ included! Real estate is wasted. Unfortunately, renaming to more readable values is not an option as they relates to the datasheets.

xilinx icons