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Include co-simulation with ISim

Status: New

Having recently attempted to get started with Simulation for debugging my FPGA code I found out that apparently the built-in LV support for native LV testbenches using simulated FPGA is supported only for ModelSim SE.


Failed Simulation FPGA.png


This is a shame since ISim is included with the FPGA toolkit.


If feasible, expanding the functionality to allos co-simulation with ISim would be a rather splendid idea ideed!



Proven Zealot

Given the price of Modelsim currently (15k Euro for Questa) this would be a very very nice addition.


I'm using LV 2011 and the current Modelsim versions are NOT compatible.  Since ISim is included with every version of LV, it would be a no-brainer to include this to fix such compatibility problems.


Please please please.

Active Participant

I can't kudo this idea enough!  Especially now that lab view fpga 2014 officially no longer supports model sim!  I mean really, should upgrading to labview 2014 from 2013 really force a $15,000 upgrade to questa just to continue to use cosimulation?


Making isim cosimulation function natively would vastly increase the viability of labview fpga for complex design.