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Import export IO user label to and from excel in FPGA project

Hi How about facility of import and export of I/O Label in FPGA-Real time project as shown image instead of manually renaming each I/O


IO Label.jpg

Labview 6.1 - 2014
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I would suggest using a tab delimited text file.  That way we don't have to have Excel.  But this would save me a lot of time.

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Member PBP

CSV or  tab delimited text file will work.

Labview 6.1 - 2014
If your problem get solved then mark as solution.
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I have +1'ed this idea as it's something that's really useful when you work in a design team and your electrical engineer asks for a pinout of the CompactRIO. I think it would be useful if it would also include module/slot location information as well.


I have attempted something like this before and found that it is possible to do something similar by a couple of methods:


1) Use an .xsl stylesheet to generate html from the LabVIEW project that filters based on the target information. You can do this programmatically using an XSL transformation. This is the result I got (not very aesthetic but I didn't take it very far):




2) Export the information from the Project using property nodes (Project.Targets)



So while I think it's great to have this built into the IDE, there are a couple of ways to do it at the moment.

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