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For loops inside SCTL should support Number to Boolean Array and Boolean Array to Number

Status: New

Number to Boolean Array and Boolean Array to Number along with array manipulation functions (index, replace, reverse) are commonly used methods in FPGA for doing bit manipulation on arrays of integers inside SCTLs. Not having access to these functions is prohibitive and results in having to write code like this:


This becomes very unwieldy when dealing with arrays of 20+ elements. If Number to Boolean Array and Boolean Array to Number are truly no-op elements, then they (along with basic array manipulation nodes) should be added to the list of supported nodes inside for loops inside SCTLs.

Active Participant

Hey Eric,


Good news, I believe what you're asking for here made it into LabVIEW 2020. I was able to compile the following diagram this morning:




Kind of a random test, but I wanted to get most of the nodes I believed to work in the build. Would you like to try it out for yourself or see anything else before I contact the forum owners to mark this idea as implemented?



Thanks for that comment TJ. Unfortunately, it doesn't help me much. Many of my customers are gov't contractors and they move slowly to adopt new LV versions. The projects where this will help me likely won't move to LV 2020 for another 6-12 months. I only just recently installed LV 2020 on a development machine for work on a non-FPGA project.


I know the answer is likely no, but is there any way that this can be applied to older versions through a patch? Having to wait 1-2 LV versions (years) after an idea is submitted to see it enacted, then waiting another 1-2 years for my projects to catch up makes it hardly even worth my time to submit ideas.