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FPGA Read/Write Control name search

When I use a FPGA Read/Write control to set a state from Windows to the FPGA target, I would like to be able to search for all the places where that is done.  If I do a search-Text for the FPGA Read/Write control variable names used to set the state, they are not found. The work-around suggestion from NI was "to include the text that you are looking for with each instance of the control, one way to accomplish this could be to label the wires going into or out of each terminal with the name of the control."  This would work, but it would be better in a future LabVIEW version to have the search function be able to find the variable names.

Active Participant

I made an image to show the problem you are describing 

not found.PNG

And for the FPGA code:

not found2.PNG


Another work around is to use the label text of the Read/Write block.


I am definitely in favor of making the FPGA Read/Write controls searchable.