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Auto-Migrate to New RIO Target

I just manually transferred a fairly large LabVIEW FPGA project from one target to another (7965R to 7966R).  It would be nice to be able to click on the RIO target in the project and have an option to "Migrate to New FPGA Target" in the context menu.  The menu would open a new dialog where you could select the new RIO target and then it is automatically added to the project and populated the VIs, FIFOs, derived clocks, memory blocks, etc. from the original target.  The user can choose whether or not to delete the original RIO target.


This would also make it very easy for users to transfer sample code from the LabVIEW Example Finder to the correct FPGA target (insead of having the folder labeled "Move These Files").

Brian R.
District Sales Manager
Washington DC
National Instruments

This is a huge problem for us.  We have multiple targets running the same base code.  Right now we must use multiple FPGA projects for no reason.


Active Participant

I have a PXIe chassis with multiple 7966 modules (Multiple cameras). FPGA definitions (Memories, clocks, etc) should be able to be moved and copied to other compatible targets without having to manually redefine anything!  FPGA targets should also be able to be symlinked so that identical targets can exist in the same project.


Active Participant

This actually happens to be an issue for me as well

Please provide such a mechanism

Active Participant

We have switched over to a new cRIO platform, but still have several of the old. Need to keep two sets alive and need to copy and past across whenever a change is required.


This is not so much a feature as an essential part of the development environment.


Hope that this is being worked on as we speak.